Wholesale Distribution

WarehouseThe distribution industry proves to be one of the backbones of any economy. Distribution is also one of the nation’s most diverse industries; businesses operating under this umbrella range from privately held and family-owned companies to large, publicly traded enterprises. They include manufacturers, warehouses, and shipping companies and retailers.  Given the industry’s vast diversity as well as its influence on other industries, its share of challenges proves to be equally as diverse. Challenges currently faced by distribution companies include operational efficiency, volatile commodity pricing, supply chain management, labor demands, and governmental regulation.

Ham, Langston & Brezina, LLP professionals provide audit, tax, and advisory services that are in tune with the ever changing demands of distribution companies.  Our experience and our ability to respond quickly to changes in business needs make us an ideal partner for your company.  Our client and industry specific services include financial statement audits, tax consulting, and business advisory services.