Experienced Hires

iStock_000006708626XSmallWe understand that every organization fosters its own unique culture. At times experienced professionals may require a positive change in their workplace culture to reignite their creativity and re-focus their career development efforts.

Our culture is centered on a true work / life balance and we are committed to providing you with this opportunity by offering you the platform to expand your current abilities and grow professionally along with our firm.

We have a deep respect for you as an individual and share a genuine interest with you in the development of your career.  You will be provided with the opportunity to work with clients that will enable you to improve your professional skills and continue to develop yourself as a leader within the firm and the accounting profession.

We welcome the opportunity to provide you with a positive change in your current workplace culture and re-development of your career.  Please submit your resume to resumes@hlb-cpa.com as the initial step to enact these changes.