Consulting Services

Strength in NumbersInternal Audit Services

We recognize the challenges public and private companies are faced with when implementing corporate and regulatory policies and procedures.  We are ready to assist our clients with all of their internal audit service needs.

We have the risk management capabilities needed to support client business strategies and improve operational performance.  We are able to assist with the designing, planning and conducting of operational risk identification and control assessment with an emphasis on process improvement recommendations.

We understand the difficulties businesses face when deciding to move forward with Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliance.  We provide the guidance needed to successfully manage compliance issues based upon established frameworks.

Litigation Support Services

Our litigation and bankruptcy support services provide an efficient and effective resource for both the court system and attorneys.  Professionals within the firm are experienced in preparing material required for trial, understanding both the content and presentation required for this specialized field.

Our experience ranges from that gained working with major international public accounting firms to specialized studies required by litigants.  This includes expert testimony in such fields as taxation, accounting, assurance or auditing, as well as the practical overview of the financial aspects of business.

Merger and Acquisition Consulting

We provide strategic advisory services that focus on providing the client the knowledge to support critical, strategic decisions.  Questions typically revolve around valuation, tax effect, capital structure and financing.  We provide clear and insightful advice to clients in order for them to be able to make properly informed decisions.

Technology Services

Information technology (IT) is frequently treated as a controlled business expenditure rather than a potential growth catalyst.  Our seasoned professionals are skilled in providing risk-based IT functions that assist clients in strategically aligning, measuring and governing their IT systems so that they operate with greater effectiveness.  Some of the technology advisory services that we provide include:

  • Business systems effectiveness
  • CIO advisory
  • Data analytics and continuous monitoring
  • System selection
  • Technology security