iStock_000008188845XSmallHam, Langston & Brezina, LLP Insurance Services practice consists of an experienced group of professionals who possess the business and technical knowledge to deliver a variety of quality services to many types of insurance entities.

Ham, Langston & Brezina, LLP team members are experienced in the audits of property and casualty, surety bonds, life, and accident and health insurance companies, as well as managing general agencies, and brokers.  Additionally, partners and managers participate in many insurance industry professional associations, such as the Insurance Accounting and Systems Association (IASA) and the Society for Insurance Financial Managers (SIFM).  We strive to keep our clients updated on the latest accounting, financial reporting and industry matters.

We provide a complete range of professional services to the insurance industry, including:

  • Audit services (both statutory and GAAP)
  • Assistance with regulatory examinations
  • Litigation assistance
  • Accounting and reporting matters (both statutory and GAAP)
  • Tax compliance and planning
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Due diligence assistance
  • Initial public offerings and SEC reporting