Manufacturing & Distribution

Manufacturers and distributers are a key building block in any growing and vibrant economy. However it has become increasingly difficult for companies in these industries to increase profits and shareholder value.


Manufacturers are constantly experiencing external pressures on growth, volatile energy and raw materials costs, tougher competition, a growing supply of low-cost products from overseas, fluctuations in the economy and consumer spending, and government regulation. Just as numerous and diverse are the internal pressures experienced including increasing productivity, managing labor costs, funding investments in R&D/technology/capital equipment, and giving customers the quality and service they demand at a price they are willing to pay.


Distributors are of the nation’s most diverse industries; businesses operating in this important sector range from privately held and family-owned companies to large, publicly traded enterprises. They include manufacturers, warehouses, and shipping companies and retailers. Given the industry’s vast diversity as well as its influence on other industries, its share of challenges proves to be equally as diverse. Challenges currently faced by distribution companies include operational efficiency, volatile commodity pricing, supply chain management, labor demands, and governmental regulation.


In order to effectively thrive in these increasingly difficult industries you should partner with trusted advisors that have the experience and flexibility to adapt to the ever-changing needs of your business. The experienced professionals at HL&B are up to the challenge of working with you in your effort to improve business performance through flexible, concise, and ethical advice. Our commitment to our clients to add value to their business while remaining grounded in our core values of integrity, trust, and mutual respect, portray the values needed to form a productive business relationship.


Our manufacturing and distribution practice provides a full range of services tailored to help address the changing needs of the companies operating in these sectors. Our experience and our ability to respond quickly to changes in business needs make us an ideal partner for your company.



Our services to manufacturers and distributors include:

• External audits for private and public companies
• ERISA audits of employee benefit plans
• Internal audit
• Tax compliance and advisory
• State, local and international tax compliance
• Audit and tax support services