Assurance Services

The objective of our audit strategy is simple – we want to add value and enhance the well-being of our client.  Many ingredients are combined to bring value to our clients.  One of those ingredients is perspective.  We bring the commitment and insight of our experience servicing emerging middle market growth companies.  We continually search for methods and approaches that allow our clients flexibility while enabling us to maximize the business value of our work.

We use a top-down assessment of audit risk, which enables us to focus our audit efforts on key risk areas.  In risk assessment, the foundation of our audit approach, lies the key to focusing the audit scope to ensure that the appropriate level of audit coverage is achieved over major systems and account balances.  It also provides the focus for gauging the degree to which we can rely on the control environment and internal management controls and for setting the scope of our audit testing.

We view management comments as one of the most effective means for communicating recommendations arising from areas reviewed within the scope of required financial statement audits.  As such, they should focus on matters of managerial significance.  Our management comments are directed toward strengthening operations and procedures.  These comments and ongoing discussion with management is an integral element in our service.

We are committed to a proactive relationship with our clients including significant top-level involvement.  It is our intent to work with our clients in identifying and resolving significant accounting matters on a timely basis.  Our decision making process is contained within Houston Texas and affords us the ability to make informed decisions quickly.


Among the many assurance services offered are:
  • Audit
  • Review
  • Compilation
  • SSAE 18 (SOC 1 & SOC 2)
  • Agreed-upon procedures