Federal Tax Deadlines (for calendar year taxpayers)

Jan 15th 4th quarter individual estimated tax payments.

Jan 31st Forms 941, 940 filing deadline.  Form 940 payment.

Jan 31st W-2, 1099-MISC due to payee and IRS/SSA.

Feb 28th 1099’s (other than 1099-MISC) and 1098’s due.

Mar 15th S-Corporations and Partnership Federal income tax return due or extension.

Mar 15th Form 2553 for Corporate S election.

Apr 15th Individual, Corporation and Trust federal income tax return due or extension.

Apr 15th FinCen 114 – FBAR (Foreign Accounts).

Apr 15th 1st quarter individual estimated tax payment.

Apr 15th 1st quarter Corporation estimated tax payment.

Apr 30th Form 941 due.  Form 940 payment.

May 15th Form 900 and 990T due or extended for calendar year taxpayer.

Jun 15th 2nd quarter Corporation estimated tax payment.

Jun 15th 2nd quarter individual estimated tax payment.

Jul 31st Form 941 due.  Form 940 payment.

Jul 31st Form 5500 or 5500 EZ due or extension for calendar year plan.

Sept 15th 3rd quarter Corporation estimated tax payment.

Sept 15th 3rd quarter individual estimated tax payment

Sept 15th Final extended Corporation, Partnership and S-Corporation Federal income tax return due.

Sept 30th Final extended Trust Federal Income tax due.

Oct 15th Final extended Individual Federal income tax return due.

Oct 15th Final extended FinCen 114 – FBAR return due.

Oct 15th Final Form 5500 tax return due

Oct 31st Form 941 due.  Form 940 payment.

Nov 15th Final Form 990 and 990T due

Dec 15th 4th quarter Corporation estimated tax payment

–Dates falling on a weekend will be due the next business day.

State Tax Deadlines

Jan 20th Monthly, quarterly, annual sales tax reports

Jan 31st TWC quarterly reports

Feb 20th Monthly sales tax reports

Mar 20th Monthly sales tax reports

Apr 20th Monthly and quarterly sales tax reports

Apr 30th TWC quarterly reports

May 15th Texas Franchise Reports or extensions

May 20th Monthly sales tax reports

Jun 20th Monthly sales tax reports

Jul 20th Monthly and quarterly sales tax reports

Jul 31st TWC quarterly reports

Aug 15th First Texas Franchise Tax deadline or payment with second extension

Aug 20th Monthly sales tax report

Sept 20th Monthly sales tax report

Oct 20th Monthly and quarterly sales tax report

Oct 31st TWC quarterly reports

Nov 15th Final Texas Franchise Tax deadline

Nov 20th Monthly sales tax reports

Dec 20th Monthly sales tax reports